Travel Plans & Mobility Management Plans

Making Travel Plans a Cost Saving Tool for Development Sites


Providing Measurable Cost Benefits with Mobility Management

Whilst Mobility Management is not currently a legislative requirement in Ireland, it is now common practice for Planning Authorities to Condition the completion of a Travel Plan for employment or educational sites in areas sensitive to an increase in traffic generation.

A Travel Plan (or Mobility Management Plan / MMP) is a management tool which aims to minimise development based transport costs by co-ordinating both commuter travel and the transport of goods.

Traffico has learned that responding positively to a Planning Condition to invest in a Travel Plan can result in a number of measurable cost benefits for our Clients. These benefits can be significant and have been listed following:

• Land formerly allocated to car parking can be repurposed for more productive development purposes
• Reduced costs for providing car parking for employees or visitors
• Increased accessibility to the development site for employees and visitors
• Reduced pressure on parking spaces so they are available to those with most need
• Reduced business mileage costs
• Reduced staff downtime spent travelling on business
• Reduced carbon emissions associated with travel
• Enhanced corporate image and ‘Green’ profile
• Compliance with planning permission conditions
• Reduced employer’s PRSI payments (through Cycle to Work/ Tax Saver ticket for public transport schemes)

Our method involves developing Travel Plans which leverage these key benefits for our Clients.

Traffico’s Travel Plan Services:

• Travel Demand Management (Strategy, Policy & Funding)
• Travel Plans
• Mobility Management Plans
• Green Travel Plans

Example Travel Plan Measures

(Courtesy of NTA Document ‘Achieving Effective Workplace Travel Plans)

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