Traffic Engineering

We use Rich End User Data to Make Better Design Decisions


Driving Down Development Costs

We drive our Client’s development costs down by using effective management combined with the collection and assimilation of comprehensive end user data.

We’ve learned over many years that this approach serves to provide us with much deeper insights into end user behaviour which has lead to consistently better design decisions and improved development outcomes.

What’s Traffic Engineering?

Traffic engineering is a branch of civil engineering which specializes in providing for (and future proofing) the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.

In urban environments where traffic speeds are lower and there are large numbers of vulnerable road users, traffic engineers tend to focus on optimizing the safe movement of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

In rural environments, where traffic speeds are higher and there are fewer vulnerable road users, the focus tends to move towards optimizing the safe movement of vehicles.  This serves to safeguard the best possible outcome for the vehicle's occupants in the event of a collision.

Traffico’s Core Traffic Engineering Services:
Driving Down Development Costs

• Peer review of Traffic Schemes
• Pre-Purchase Site Appraisal of Traffic and Transport Risks
• Traffic Management Plans
• Traffic Calming / Speed Management
• Home Zone Design
• Construction Traffic Management Plans
• Signage Strategies
• Visibility and Sight Line Assessments
• Speed Surveys
• HGV Management

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