Road Safety Audit

Our Extensive Design Experience Leads to Practical Road Safety Audits


Adding Value to Every Scheme

Traffico have earned a reputation for delivering practical Road Safety Audits which always add value to a development or road scheme.

We believe that it is essential to have a balance of skills between design, construction and road safety engineering to deliver best in class road safety audits.

Our Road Safety Auditors have amassed vast experience in designing and delivering transportation schemes through all commission stages.

This broad based experience means that we place great emphasise on collaborating with the Design Team to arrive at practical cost effective scheme solutions.

What’s the Purpose of a Road Safety Audit?

The main objective of the Road Safety Audit Process is to minimalize the severity and the frequency of collisions on our roads.

Collisions are how traffic engineers refer to road traffic accidents. In the eyes of a traffic engineer, there’s no such thing as an accident.

When is a Road Safety Audit Required?

Under EU Directive and requirements for Irish Roads set out within TII’s Publications, a Road Safety Audit is required on all development and road schemes which result in a permanent change to the road or roadside layout.

Road Safety Audits are typically carried out by the same Road Safety Audit Team at specific stages during design, construction and early operational phases of a development or road scheme. These stages are:

• Stage F: Route selection, prior to route choice.
• Stage 1: Completion of preliminary design prior to land acquisition procedures.
• Stage 2: Completion of detailed design, prior to tender of construction contract.
• Stage 1 & 2: Completion of detailed design, prior to tender of construction contract, for small schemes where only one design stage audit is appropriate.
• Stage 3: Completion of construction (prior to opening of the scheme, or part of the scheme to traffic wherever possible).
• Stage 4: Early operation at 2 to 4 months’ post road opening with live traffic.

Traffico’s Core Road Safety Engineering Services:

• Collision Investigation
• Road Safety Engineering
• Stage F Road Safety Audits
• Stage 1 Road Safety Audits
• Stage 2 Road Safety Audits
• Stage 3 Road Safety Audits
• Stage 4 Road Safety Audits
• Road Safety Assessment
• High Collision Location Studies
• Quality Audits

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