Getting The Development Parking Details Right


Understanding the Full Operational Life-Cycle Cost of Parking

Most private vehicles are only driven for a tiny proportion of their operational lifecycle. The rest of their time they remain stationary in a parking space.

Our experience of designing and delivering parking strategies and parking infrastructure has taught us that the provision of appropriate parking facilities can have a significant impact upon the commercial success or failure of a development scheme. For example, patrons are less likely to return to a shopping centre where they experienced difficulty parking.

Parking is extremely land hungry and costly to build. Parking infrastructure is also onerous and extremely costly to maintain effectively over a schemes full operational lifecycle.

We have learned that getting the parking strategy right in the early stage of development design really matters. Hasty early stage design decisions can result in onerous and costly long term Developer Commitments during the full operational lifecycle of the parking infrastructure.

Traffico’s Parking Services:

• Development Plan Parking Assessment
• Car Park Design – surface, parallel, perpendicular & multi-storey
• Cycle parking strategy and design
• HGV parking design
• Coach and bus parking design
• Parking Management Plans
• Optimization of Existing Car Parks

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