Access & Road Design

Unlocking The Development Potential of Land


We are committed to unlocking the development potential of our Client’s lands by providing cost effective, high quality development accesses and road design solutions.

Our extensive knowledge of leading road and street schemes from concept through to construction allows us to make early stage design decisions which save our Clients both time and money over the project lifecycle.

We design for People

We understand that design is about people, trust and relationships. We have spent many years working with Local Authorities and Government Agencies methodically applying National Design Guidance to negotiate access agreements and road licences on behalf of our Clients.

We have earned a reputation for designing cost effective, safe and attractive road and street infrastructure. We really excel at improving constrained and heavily trafficked streets where budgets are tight and there’s a real need to reduce maintenance costs, increase efficiency and improve road safety.

We love to do this work because we understand that retro-fitted road improvements offer tangible benefits which include:

• Saving lives and reducing injuries
• Promotion of alternative modes such as walking and cycling
• Reducing travel costs for individuals and businesses
• Facilitation of regional development, tourism and business investments
• Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint
• Mitigating traffic congestion

Traffico’s Development Access and Road Design Services:

• Development Access Design
• Feasibility Road Design
• Preliminary Road Design
• Detailed Road Design, Junction Design
• Low cost road safety improvement schemes
• Intersection Design
• Link Design, Street Design
• Public Realm Design
• Highway Design
• Dutch Protected Junction Design
• Greenway Design
• Design of Walking and Cycling Schemes
• Design of Public Transport Schemes
• Bus Priority Design
• Public Transport Interchange Design
• Design for Electric Vehicle Charging
• Design of Motorway Service Areas
• Petrol Filling Station Design

"The creation of walkable, cycleable and public transport orientated communities require that designers re-examine the way streets are designed in order to meet the needs of all users" Quote Courtesy of DMURS Manual by the Government of Ireland

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